How to build a PC step by step

How to build a PC step by step

How to build a PC step by step

The key components you’ll need

  • Motherborad 
  • Processor 
  • Processor Fan 
  • RAM 
  • Hard Disk or SSD 
  • Graphics  Card 
  • CMOS Battery 
  • SMPS 
  • CPU Cabinet 
  • I/O Shield 

Step 1: Open the Case

Unscrew the screws on each side of the CPU case

Step 2: Attach the I/O Shield

Attach the I/O Shield on CPU case

Step 3: Install the CPU

Place the CPU on Motherboard

Step 4: Add the CPU Fan

The CPU Fan will fit right over the Processor

Step 5: Install the RAM

Unlock the clips on the RAM slots , then install the RAM

Step 6: Install the CMOS Battery

It helps to save the date and time

Step 7: Install the Motherboard

Place the motherboard in the case

Step 8: Install the Graphics card

Install the Graphics card on Motherboard

Step 9: Installing the Hard Drive

Install Hard Drive 

Step 10: Install the Power Supply

Install SMBS to Cabinet

Step 11: Attach USB 3.0 Cable

Connect the USB 3.0  cable to motherboard 

Step 12: Attach HD Audio Cable

Connect the audio cable to motherboard

Step 13: Connect PCU to motherboard

Connect PCU to motherboard

Step 14: Connect Power to HDD

Connect the SATA power cable to HDD

Step 15: Connect CPU Power Pins

Connect CPU Power Pins to Motherboard

Step 16: CPU fan

Connect CPU fan to Motherboard

Step 17: Case Fans

Connect Case Fans to Power

Step 18: Attach HDD to Motherboard

The motherboard comes with a SATA cable. Connect one end to the HDD and other to the Motherboard


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