Magic Diets to Reduce Fat

Magic Diets to Reduce Fat

Magic Diets to Reduce Fat

G M Diet is a diet program developed by General Motors, a world-renowned car maker with the cooperation of eminent dietitians. This was developed with the assistance of the Food and Drug Administration in the United States. The organization began implementing it for workers only after its M-Diet 's health was scientifically checked.
The company has developed a protein-based diet to lift excess fat and accumulate muscle mass. Its diet claims that the seven-day cleansing, refreshing mind and body will help you lose weight significantly. GM diet is seven days in a row. Eat according to the menu every day and drink 10 to 14 glasses of water. Exercise should be accompanied by adequate exercise. You can walk, jogging, cycling, or swimming for at least half an hour daily. It is best to avoid other hard workouts. The day before you start your diet, you can use whole grains, tubers, bananas and juice. If you start a diet, it is best to avoid alcohol.


1st day

On the first day you can eat all kinds of fruits except bananas. Watermelon is most effective on the first day. Apples, pineapples, oranges, Sweet Lemon, grapefruit, papaya and strawberry are included in the menu. It is preparing the body for the coming days. Fruits are a repository of proteins. You can use a glass of orange juice or coconut water at intervals. Don't forget to drink 10-12 glasses of water.


2nd day

Vegetables are the mainstay of the second-day menu. But maize, green peas and carrots should be avoided. Serve as a salad, half-cooked and filled with belly. Boiled potatoes, tapioca, sweet potato, cacao, mushrooms and anything else in the tuber can be added to the breakfast menu.

Any one of these tubers is good for energy. It is best to use a little oil, ghee or butter with boiled potato. Use only other vegetables for lunch and dinner. Vegetables are low in calories and high in fiber. You can drink a glass of green tea, unsweetened lemon water and coconut water in the meantime. G M Diet Special Soup, drink as much as you can. Be sure to drink 10-12 glasses of water the second day


3rd day

The third day recommends a mixture of vegetables and fruits. On the third day tubers like bananas, onions, corn, green peas, legumes and carrots should not be eaten. Include in abundance of other fruits and vegetables. From the fruit is obtained the carbohydrates which the body needs. With this in mind, workouts are started on weight loss.


4th day

Banana and milk should be eaten no longer than four days. On the fourth day eight bananas are prescribed and three glasses of milk. You can also consume GM diet soup at intervals with small doses. Avoids extra juices and soups. Drink as many as 10-12 glasses of water. Bananas, milk, and soups provide the strength the body needs.


5th day


Use only beef, chicken, fish and tomatoes. It is best to consume fat beef. 500g of beef can be used several times. Tomatoes (six large tomatoes) can be eaten as a salad or with beef. Tomato salad is great for digestion. to replace the fat and skin part of the chicken, use it. The fish should be used as a grill. This is to reduce the amount of oil used for cooking. Drink about 12 glasses of water a day. Drinking large quantities of uric acid is essential for urinary excretion. There is a striking difference in urine volume and color.


6th day


Include beef, chicken, fish and vegetables in your diet. Weight loss is less than the starting day. When you reach the sixth day from the first day you can see the difference in the body.


7th day

On the last day, the seventh day should include stewed rice (uncooked rice), vegetables and fruit juices. Drink 10-12 glasses of water as usual. Eat plenty of fruit juices. Diet program ends on the seventh day.


















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