Don't ignore the BP

Don't ignore the BP

Blood pressure is a disease that passes without warning. So don't ignore the blood pressure


Blood pressure, which can be described as a silent killer, comes to pass without warning. This is the pressure in the blood vessels when the blood flows through the bloodstream. Studies show that 1.13 million people worldwide are affected by the disease. Despite the fact that people are so influenced by communication tools, including social media, people still do not know about blood pressure or illness.

Do not ignore the high blood pressure

Many people ignore it even if they are diagnosed with the disease. Only half of people with BP control BP. If it is not given adequate care at the time of diagnosis, it can lead to heart attacks, paralysis, disease affecting the nerves of the eye, cerebral hemorrhage, and kidney nephropathy. The main cause of high blood pressure is the contraction of the heart and the forced release of blood. India accounts for 20% of the world's blood pressure.

The scientific conclusions about blood pressure were first demonstrated by a dangerous experiment in horses. The first scientific conclusions about BP were made by injecting a long glass tube into the artery of the horse's neck. However, only 89 of the sphygmomanometers with the use of flavor have been found to measure BP in humans. The doctor found that the blood vessel walls would be blocked by an increase in blood pressure. Of Richard Bright.

Symptoms may not manifest

Blood pressure is usually not detected by symptoms. That is, many of its symptoms do not manifest. That is why blood pressure can be seen when the blood pressure rises in a way that affects any organ. By then, the treatment may have been ineffective. 120/80 is the generally accepted safe blood pressure. Moving to 129/89 is a sign of hypertension. In general, headache may not be a sign of hypertension. But, the pain that we neglect can sometimes be a sign of hypertension. This type of headache occurs when there is a decrease in oxygen supply to the brain. Bleeding from the nose is also one of the obvious signs of hypertension. We often blame the computer for the pain in the eyes. But this painful blood pressure that we ignore may be indicative of a rise. Physical and mental fatigue is always a symptom of high blood pressure. Chest pain is often referred to as a heart ailment. However, it can also be a sign of high blood pressure. Blood pressure test can only detect its magnitude and seriousness

Lifestyle can cause

The silent killer who passes as a result of the new lifestyle can be treated with care, that is, if he changes his lifestyle and diet, he can live without fear of the disorder. Smoking, excessive alcohol consumption, obesity, lack of exercise, and age are all contributing factors to high blood pressure. Blood pressure can also cause mental stress, but in the event of stress, temporarily, blood pressure rises. If the disease is detected at the onset of the disease, it can be managed without exercise, as recommended by your doctor. However, if you are just beginning your medication, you should take medication and follow your doctor's expert advice and continue your lifestyle adjustment.
Lifestyle adjustment is about creating order and order in our lifestyle. It makes our lives healthier. People with high blood pressure should control their diet by limiting their salt intake, reducing fat, avoiding fried foods, exercising, quitting drinking and drinking, engaging in pleasurable activities, and periodically checking your blood pressure. Lifestyle adjustments must be pursued in order to survive this silent killer who is getting older in the modern age. It is better to be free from disease than to come and treat it, and it will help us to avoid such illnesses that can lead to death.



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