What is hacking? What are the common types of attacks and web security vulnerabilities?

What is hacking? What are the common types of attacks and web security vulnerabilities?

What is hacking?

Hacking is exploitation of computers and the computer network. Hackers can make an unauthorised access to different mediums such as computers, tablets, phones and the network. Generally this is described as a criminal activity. Normally hackers do this to get control over a system, to spy information, or even for profit. 

What is a white hat hacker?

A hacker can use his skills to find the security vulnerabilities of a system or a network. Such hackers are called the white hackers or the ethical hackers. HackerOne is a a bounty program conducted for the companies to find their security vulnerabilities. HackerOne is a best platform for white hat hackers to find the security vulnerabilities of the companies registered under their program and thus they can earn bounties.



What hackers does?

There are different methods of hacking. Some hacks into the system using the hacking tools and softwares. Some tricks the user to breach into their system, this is called social engineering.

What are the best tools for hacking?

Some of the best tools for hacking are Acunetix, Nmap, Metasploit, Wireshark, Nikto, John the Ripper, Kismet, SQLninja. One of the main area of potential threat is the web security. Burpsuit is found to be the very best tool that helps the hackers to understand the security vulnerabilities. Burpsuit allows the hackers to intercept into the back and forth payload or transactions between a client and server.
The common hacking techniques are bots, Dos attacks, Trojans, Viruses, Browser Hijacks etc.

What is black hat hackers?

These are the trouble makers. They take control over the system for the profits or for the personal gains. They can steal the information and pollute the information or even restrict the owners to use it. How hackers hack into system? They do this through a loophole. Yes a loophole or weakness of a system will be the point of attraction for the hackers. In fact breaking into a system requires higher intelligence and skills.


What are the common system attacks?

    • Dos attack.

    • Password attack.

    • SQL Injection attack.

    • Phishing attack.

    • XSS attack.

    • Mitm (Man in the middle) attack.

What are the common web security vulnerabilities?

    • Server side template injection

    • Access control vulnerabilities

    • SQL Injection

    • Web cache poisoning

    • Dom based vulnerabilities

    • Cross site scripting

    • XML eternal entity

    • XML XXE Injection

    • Clickjacking

    • Cross Origin Resource Sharing (CORS)

    • Server Side Request Forgery

    • Directory Traversal

    • OS Command injection

These are the common web security attacks to find the vulnerabilities of a system. 

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