We've been talking leaks how about official news on big navvy,so AMD has confirmed that it's our DNA big navvy GPU will be coming to Radeon Graphics Cards for the PC platform before next generation consoles from sony Microsoft.The confirmation come from the Bank of America 2020 security's global technology conference for AMD.CFO David Kumar started that the next generation GPU architecture will be available on the PC platform before the next-generation consoles arrive.During the webcast David revealed that AMD  will be focusing on delivering its our DNA to GPUs to the PC platform first in the form of its enthusiast Navi 2x powered Readeon RX Graphics cards.The lineup would feature big navvy GPU at which David has revealed tobe halo product and is going to be focused on the ultra enthusiast Gaming market.The next-generation consoles from Microsoft and Sony are planned for launch holiday of 2020,so we might end up seeing bignavvy around the start of q4 2020 or even earlier.If possible David also revealed that the RDNA 2 architecture goes through the entire stack which means we won't be getting just the high-endproducts but also mainstream high-end Graphics cards under the enthusiast segment at much more affordable price points.

Many enthusiasts have long waited for AMD to launch a successor to the Vega based high-end graphics cards.The AMD Radeon RX 5700 XT did end up popping the Radeon seven in many use cases,but NVIDIA still holds the crownfor top performance graphicscards with Turing based GeForce R-TX 2080 RTX 2080 SUPER and the RTX 2080 ti.Even the Pascal based NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti remains affordable opponent versus the Navi 10 based Radeon RX 50 700 series graphics cards now.If David statements hold true then the big  navvy based Radeon RX Graphics cards might definitely take the fight invidious thousand dollar-plus RTX 2080 ti Graphics cards.

The news also comes out just a day after a mysterious AMD our DNA to GPU codename sienna cichlid was spotted within Linuxdrivers and is speculated to be  the big Navvy itself.AMD calling its big Navvy a halo product is also interesting.Halo products are usually defined as the flagship Product under each brand Category.The halo product for a Ryzen CPUs is the Ryzen9 3950x.the halo product for the thread Ripper lineup is the Verizon thread work for 3990X and currently no halo products really exist within the RX brand.Which was the last one being the Radeon 7,it's been sometime since Radeon brand saw similar action as the rise in lineup but it does seem like things are about to change with AMD focusing more towards the Radeon brand.AMD also shares some light on what to do expect from our DNA-and shares that product info.We will see more products within the Family in the form of mainstream GPUs.Also integration within next-generation AP use which is something.we've recently spoke to as leaks have shown for more on this and if  you want to know more Newses and leaks,Follow our website.

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