Important Things You Should Know About A Web Hosting Service For Your Website.

Important Things You Should Know About A Web Hosting Service For Your Website.

Are you planning to host your website. Wait.. Here are the things you must know before you choose your hosting provider. It has become very difficult for most business owners to choose the right hosting provider. Isn’t it it worst to have even a few minutes down time and your customers cannot enter into your website and to loose them. Fast web access and seamless uploads and email delivery are all maters in this fast moving world. 

Here are the list of important things you must look for before buying a hosting provider.

1) Support
Yes! Its true, strong 24/7 support team is very much necessary for any hosting. So you must understand the kind of support you need. Do you know some hosting providers offer supports only over phone and chat. Some offers email and ticketing and some not. Some will not have strong technical team at all.

If your website goes down at a peak time with huge traffic and you have no idea what to do. Have you imagined about it? When you want to choose your hosting provider, we must make sure about the kind of support they offer and how strong they are.

Do you know hosting provider like Bluehost offers the best support, while hostgator does not offer any email support?.

2. Pricing

Yes! Before jump into the kind of features you looking for, you should consider comparing the price of different choices. And it is important to understand your business requirement and choose the plans wisely. Suppose if you are a beginner and need to start a blog or a simple website, then prefer a basic hosting plan. Do you know Bluehost provides a seamless 1 click installation of wordpress along with their basic plan?. 

But If you have a complex and heavy business requirement then prefer a strong provider like AWS. AWS ec2 gives you an instance of an entire computer with very good uptime and speed. You can setup the system according to your needs, And if you are a beginner then you might need a strong technical guy to manage the serve for you.

3. Hardware

For a complex business requirement you must take this into consideration, If you expects heavy traffic , then you should consider the CPU’s  , RAM, GPU’s, STORAGE etc. You need to size your hardware depending on the types of your business requirement.

1 CPU core and 1GB RAM is a lot of memory for most sites unless you're doing complicated SQL calls and calculations.

4. Uptime Guarantee

Always choose a hosting company with strong reputations for uptime and redundancy. Bluehost, HostGator, Hostinger all have good reputation for uptime and speed. A 99.9% uptime guarantee or more is the kind of server you should look for. Donot make your customer end up seeing the white pages when they enter into your website. The point is having a good uptime is a big consideration when choosing your hosting partner.

5. Control panel

If the kind of control panel is difficult to understand then it is very difficult to manage your backend system. You must look for the best control panels to manage your website directory and other database services.
Cpanel and Plesk are one of the very best controler panels available. Most of the hosting companies provide good control panel. But if you want to go for a hosting company considering only the price then you should also look at basic features like this.

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