Common skin problems and home remedies

Common skin problems and home remedies

The most common skin problems and home remedies. Interesting and easy tips for common skin problems. 

1. Acne 
To cure acne, soak the powdered musk turmeric in hot water and heat it under sunlight and apply on your face.

2. Melasma 
Apply a little butter on the ripe leaf of the banyan tree and lightly heat it. Repeat this for 15 minutes. Then apply the saffron oil. It is best to rub two drops of ointment on your nose.

3. Dark spots 
Wash your face with cow's milk and wash it with cotton cloth. This will remove the black spot on the face.

4. Oily Skin 
For oily skin, apply a fine paste of papaya as a facepack and apply it on the face, neck and lips. Gently rub your face with your fingers as it starts to dry. Rinse it with water and then rinse with cold water.

5. Relive spots 
To relieve spots, grease dry basil leaves, apex leaves, dollops and mint leaves and mix it with a little turmeric powder and apply it to the area. Make a dough and coat the area with spots.

6. Beautiful Skin 
Wash your face with warm water and apply fenugreek powder  on your face. The skin gets moisturized and vibrant.

7. Dark lips
Apply lemon juice on the lips for few minutes and wash it off. This will help to reduce the darkness of lips.

8. Red spots
To reduce red spots on face, mix a little carrot juice and orange juice in a cup of milk and apply this on the red spots area. Try this regularly and see the result in a week.




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